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Multi-Room Management

Billing Process

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Invite your guest to your meetings and keep track of them

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Roomeo : What is it ?

The software presents an innovative solution, advanced features and manages the reservation of meeting rooms or any other entity. It works through two different tablets, booking and visitors devoted to receiving visitors. With their clear and intuitive interface, they can be used in a dissociated or associated way by offering the recognition of the expected visitor. 
By surfing on such a platform, there is no doubt that you improve your work environment and that of your employees while gaining efficiency, freedom, speed and while registering your activity in an innovative, dynamic, well in the objective concerns of current societies.

Blue Pimento : Know your partner

Blue Pimento designs digital platforms that make it possible to book, in an optimal way, all meeting rooms in Belgium and abroad.

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       Why using My Roomeo ?      

Optimal management: requires attendance certification

Home visitor check in/out.

Keep track of visitors & Calculation of the environmental footprint

Integration with Exchange / Outlook and Google Calendar

Enhances administrative work and saves time.

Optimize bookings significantly and professionally

Scalable system and free update

What People are Saying

“Roomeo is very intuitive and helps us to save a lot of time and effort.”

“Roomeo greatly improved the check-in process for our visitors!”

“Booking a room was never so easy thanks to Roomeo!”

“The Roomeo team listens to our needs and continuously improves the application and its tools.”

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Christopher Bradley

Sandra Bouts


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